Fuzzy Potato

Welcome! I'm Brittany Hamilton, also known as Tesso on Deviantart. I'm majoring in Art with a focus of Graphic Design at Morehead State University.
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WIP of me c:

I lost these lines a long time ago ;A; but I’m using a new brush and redoing it fffff

Birthday work arts owo

What I say is never how I feel.

I drew this a bit ago but never posted it. My fave Homestuck character <3

Top left is my sassy bun, Pippy chilling with my poo puppy, Elly. The rest are just of Elly being FLUFF or just her on walks c:

I love my puppy ;A;

You can’t catch on, no matter what hints I seem to say, or what things I just outright throw at you.

Oh how I hate to repeat myself.

I can’t wait for you to shut me up c:

For someone cool c:

It’s okay if you can’t see me, I can’t even see myself.

Work doodlez owo ignore the “cash express” on the post-it notes lol

All de Unicorns!

Dat fluff

Yay more doodles c: the one on the left is mine, and on the right is a awesome friend’s character

Two work doodles :O