Fuzzy Potato

Welcome! I'm Brittany Hamilton, also known as Tesso on Deviantart. I graduated college in Art with a focus of Graphic Design at Morehead State University.


I do arts in my spare time, and design at my job. Feel free to look around, send a ask if you'd like, I promise I don bite :p

Posts I Like

Art Challenge, Day 9


Quickest vent art ever owo

A gifty for alfafilly

My OTP in The Selection owo a webcomic she makes

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to make fanart of these two, ESPECIALLY Freddy ;A;

Art Challenge, Day 7


I have 100 followers here now ;u;
Thanks for putting up with me everyone!

I lied, I decided to take a picture instead of scan owo

Instead of micron pens I just used my sketch.

Art Challenge, Day 6 

Thinking about skipping a day of the challenge and posting it tomorrow owo

Don feel like going out in this weather just to scan stuff.

Art Challenge, Day 5

Tricks owo
I should really teach my poo how to roll over or play dead, she’d be super dramatic, she’s such a sassy butt.

Day four, Art Challenge

Treats ;p

Art challenge, day three.

Spoopy pumpkinnnnnnn <3

Art Challenge, day two


Day one: Fall Leaves

First ever art challenge :O

Sometimes I don’t know what to do anymore.

I say what I feel, and nothing gets done, ever.

My baby got a groom today ;u; <3