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Welcome! I'm Brittany Hamilton, also known as Tesso on Deviantart. I'm majoring in Art with a focus of Graphic Design at Morehead State University.
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Work doodlez owo ignore the “cash express” on the post-it notes lol

All de Unicorns!

Dat fluff

Yay more doodles c: the one on the left is mine, and on the right is a awesome friend’s character

Two work doodles :O

I’ve been slacking so bad on drawing anything :(

Hopefully I’ll get that fixed soon

Sometimes I doodle way more but get nervous about posting them here. I happen to like this one okay enough though.

Art isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and I seem to be reminded of that often.

I’ll try to post more than one doodle on a post the next time I post, I swear ;A;

Go away stress, I don want no cookies! >:C


Work dragon says hai

Forgot to post this to my main blog owo

Work uni doodle c:

Oh look, work doodles owo
All des characters be mine

Here’s some progress shots of the style trade between me and my friend c:

My friend completed her sketch, so I went ahead and did the lines for it.
(Her’s pictured left, mine pictured right)

Yesssssssss art style tradeeeee <3 More to come soon c:

Never make me wonder.

My mind is most dangerous when left to itself.


My first part to a “art switch around”/collab with a friend.
I’ll have to line her sketch next, then I’ll have to color in her lines after she lines this. It sounds confusing but we have a system XD

The one time I wanted someone to tell me “no” and they did, was the best thing I’ve ever heard in months.

I hope that things go better, for the both of us.
Just.. Thank you.